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Digital Transformation World Tour 2023
Los Angeles, California

Promoted by Ardensi, powered by Stratence Partners

Three days of activities with Stratence Partners experts and a Selected group of Strategic Pricing and Commercial Leaders, during the Pricing Strategy World Summit 2023.
19 - 21 September 2023 in Los Angeles, California

Sep 19th │ VIP Dinner

Networking and expert dinner VIP Pass
With a selected group of Strategic Pricing and Commercial Leaders

Sep 20th │ KEYNOTE

During the Pricing Strategy USA Summit 2023 (PSUS '23)

Title: Digital Transformation for Profitable Growth


  1. Introduction to a Digital Transformational Project

  2. Key Components for Profitable Growth

  3. 5 tips for success

PSUS '23 - 19 - 21 September 2023 │ Gold Sponsor VISIT US!!

If you are attending the PSWS '23 conference, we encourage you to visit our booth and meet our team. We would be happy to discuss how we can help you achieve your transformation goals. See HERE the full post

Who should attend?

•CxO professionals (CEO, CFO, CMO, CSO …) with the aim to move their organization to Excellence and produce tangible economic impact

•Strategic, Pricing and Commercial Managers already in charge or planning for future transformational and sustainable initiatives

Who can you find at our booth?
Fernando Ventureira

Fernando Ventureira

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+25 years of Xp



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Senior Vice President

+25 years of Xp

Ryan Maley


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Vice President

+20 years of Xp



  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Vice President

+25 years of Xp

Anh Bourcet-4x4_edited.jpg


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Vice President

+15 years of Xp




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Vice President Systems

+20 years of Xp

Jerome Merian-2023-06-21_edited.jpg



  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Vice President

+20 years of Xp

Tarig Monim-Big_edited.jpg

Tarig A.


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Vice President

+30 years of Xp




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Vice President

+30 years of Xp

If you want to attend the VIP Dinner, write to Fernando Ventureira

by clicking on the following button:

9,8  Satisfaction Score

What are the feedbacks on similar workshops/keynote, recently delivered by Stratence Partners?

“Excellent workshop with a lean structure and a sound mix of strategic and operational topics. Specific industry related examples from the vast pricing experience of the Stratence organizers enable a higher interactivity and actionability of the content.”

Yan Ostapchenko. WT 2021

"The content was relevant and to the point, and I particularly appreciated the breadth on depth of the topics covered. It was a day well spent, with Fernando delivered, as usual! Including when responding to some of the questions from the audience. The 40 best practices were very applicable and well explained, and gave me hints on new areas to explore in Pricing"

Roberto Bedotto. WT 2021

"Concise but comprehensive pricing journey covering the important aspects to be considered to achieve a higher maturity level. Well-presented and  flexibly answered all kind of questions from the audience"

Daniel Wymann. WT 2021

"Thank you very much for your great webinar"


"Your presentation was extremely valuable and I am already thinking how to incorporate some of your insights into my current presentation and project"


"It was a very good webinar"


"Thank you, it has been a great webinar, congratulations!"


"Thank you for an informative and detailed webinar "


"A premium webinar, very well structured and with a lot of content. Thank you! "


"Many thanks for making this possible, it was definitely an added value for myself, very clever and realistic"


For more information, please contact:

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