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Introductory meeting to
Stratence Partners

Let us get straight to the point and ask you a simple question:

Do you plan for your organization a project for improving Strategic, Pricing and Commercial results (volume, profit, share...)?


If you answered yes, we would personally like to invite you to an online meeting to better understand your status and future expectations.

We will also review how we already successfully supported Organizations like yours to:

  • Diagnose their current capabilities, leveraging a World Class Benchmark model for Strategy Optimization, Pricing Excellence and Commercial Effectiveness

  • Measure the potential to be captured, through best practice Analytics and Business Cases

  • Analyze and design Strategic, Pricing and Commercial Capabilities to be implemented for sustainable results

  • Implement short-term quick wins and medium to long-term actions

  • Monitor performance and move to continuous improvement


Also, we will present the value Stratence Partners will bring helping you and your organization with a successful initiative:

  • Committing with Full Satisfaction from the Project’s Stakeholders, running regular Satisfaction Surveys which evaluate the agreed Pragmatic and Business Oriented Deliveries

  • Committing with Full Capabilities Transfer, measuring the future autonomy of the organization to maintain and improve over time what has been implemented

  • Committing with Top and Bottom-Line Results, with a 1:1 return in the short term (6 to 9 months) and a 1:10 return on a medium to long-term timeline

  • Leveraging our 25+ years of Expertise & Experience, worldwide and in many industries

  • Proposing only proven and Structured Methodologies for Project and Change Management, with over 900+ successful assignments

  • Employing only Top Senior Profiles, Partners-Vice Presidents 50+ years old, with international and operational background

  • Offering a 360º Consulting Approach with dedicated resources for Dataflow Automation, Systems Integration, Processes Reengineering, Governance Set-Up, Organization Design, People Skills Training and Coaching


We look forward to receiving the below form completed, and we will be back to you soon for scheduling the proposed online meeting in the coming days.

Thanks a lot for your interest in having an introductory meeting with us. Your message has been sent. You will receive an answer soon

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