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Customer References: Rogelio Villaseñor

Stratence Partners' Customer References: Rogelio VIllaseñor

The key success factor in our collaboration with Stratence Partners has been its specific and well-structured Change Management methodology for involving proactively the Sales / KAM organization, with continuous and top-notch training and coaching support.

This unique approach for implementing pragmatic best-practices supported by data intelligence and user-friendly sales-executions tools has boasted business opportunities.

It has also unleashed new capabilities in Strategy, Pricing and Commercial Execution, triggering a better efficiency in the ways-of-working, a better efficacy in delivering the company’s goals, and developing better relationships with our customers.

Do you want to know how a collaboration with Stratence partners could be?

Click on the link below to read a few case studies across various industries and understand better what we can do for you.


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