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Excellence in Transformation

World Tour 2021

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Provide a hands-on and ready-to-use solid approach for transformational initiatives in Strategy Optimization, Pricing Excellence & Commercial Effectiveness

Stratence Partners Holistic Business Model®

  • World class and pragmatic content with well-proven approaches and methodologies

  • Interactive sessions with relevant use-cases, delivery of “ready-to-use” tools and representative games

  • VIP networking with selected peers / decisions makers and limited to 25 participants maximum

  • Delivered by 25+ years expert professionals and “helped” by “Local Workshop Advisors”

  • Key insights for securing success and profitability

8:50 / 9:00

Welcome & Introduction

9:00 / 9:45

1.Understanding the interactions between Strategy, Pricing & Commercial

1.1 Strategy Optimization, Pricing Excellence & Commercial Effectiveness interdependencies
1.2 Key transitioning elements from Strategy, through Pricing and to Commercial
1.3 Successful considerations and fundamentals across Strategy, Pricing and Commercial
1.4 Expert round-table and Q&A session

9:45 / 10:00


10:00 / 10:45

2.Introduction to the World Class Model with 40 Best Practices

2.1 Benefits & importance of a World Class Benchmarking Model
2.2 Best Practices overview: Strategy, Setting, Execution & Monitoring
2.3 Pillars of infrastructure: People, Systems, Analytics, Change Management
2.4 Expert round-table and Q&A session

10:45 / 11:00


11:00 / 11:45

3.Expert review of Strategy Optimization, Pricing Excellence and Commercial Effectiveness

3.1 Strategy Optimization through Smart Cost+, Competitive Premium & Value Solutions
3.2 Pricing Excellence Core Analytics: Smart Cost+ Waterfall, Competitive Likelihood to Win, Value Willingness to Pay
3.3 Commercial Archetypes: Key Accounts, Channel, Tenders & eCommerce
3.4 Expert round-table and Q&A session

11:45 / 12:00


12:00 / 12:45

4.Solving the dataflow and systems/tools integration piece

4.1 Integrated Dataflow through Smart Cost+, Competitive Premium & Value Solutions
4.2 Systems & Tools for Strategy, Setting, Execution & Monitoring
4.3 Best Practice Architecture for Dataflow, Systems & Tools 
4.4 Expert round-table and Q&A session

12:45 / 14:00

Break for lunch

14:00 / 14:45

5.Successful Roadmap for a transformational project

5.1 Successful approach for the Roadmap to Excellence
5.2 Criteria for importance & urgency
5.3 Short Term Quick Wins & Long-term vision
5.4 Expert round-table and Q&A session

14:45 / 15:00


15:00 / 15:45

6.Key metrics and analytics for measuring the success

6.1 Stakeholders satisfaction
6.2 Capabilities transfer
6.3 Return on investment
6.4 Expert round-table and Q&A session

15:45 / 16:00


16:00 / 16:45

7.Relevant use-cases, cross-geographies and industries

7.1 Key Account in Chemical
7.2 Channel in Pharma
7.3 Tender in Medical Devices 
7.4 eCommerce in Office Supply

16:45 / 17:00


W H O   S H O U L D   A T T E N D ?

•CxO professionals (CEO, CFO, CMO, CSO …) with the aim to move their organization to Excellence and produce tangible economic impact

•Strategic, Pricing and Commercial Managers already in charge or planning for future transformational and sustainable initiatives

W H O    W I L L   D E L I V E R   T H E   W O R K S H O P ?

P R E -  R E G I S T R A T I O N

Select the workshop you would like to attend

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"It was a very good webinar"


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"A premium webinar, very well structured and with a lot of content. Thank you! "


"It was a great session"


"Very interesting webinar, thanks" 


"Many thanks for making this possible, it was definitely an added value for myself, very clever and realistic"


  • Registrations are for free and preliminary. They will be confirmed on an individual basis for each workshop at least 4 weeks in advance for presential workshops and 2 weeks in advance for virtual ones.

  • Workshops, when presential, will comply with anti-covid rules for number of attendees, social distance, space cleaning, and masks will be provided.

  • For more information, please contact fventureira@stratence.partners

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