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Live Webinar: Leadership Best Practices in Times of Crisis

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Live Webinar: Leadership Best Practices in Times of Crisis

In times of crisis, 2 key factors are determining which organizations will suffer more …. Which ones will survive … And even which ones will take advantage of ….

And it is nothing else than Leadership and Capabilities Best Practices ….

Leadership is about harnessing the storm …. Spreading confidence … Implementing clear, useful, actionable and well communicated actions … Setting the vision on how the organization will go through the journey ….

Capabilities Best Practices is about having a dynamic Market, Commercial and Pricing Optimized Strategy, ideally with already pre-prepared “crisis” scenarios …. Having a flexible and auto-adaptative Pricing Excellence in place …. Having a well rode Commercial Effectiveness ……

And these 2 are well connected …. The best leader without the needed capabilities in place will be quite limited for implementing quickly whatever it will be decided …. in a crisis, speed is always better than accuracy…. Jungle law: Be quick or be dead …

That is why, in Stratence Partners, to help all leaders, we decided to provide “for free” this webinar … What are the best practices capabilities the leadership needs in times of crisis?

Through a pragmatic approach, we will review what would be done … and how … to overcome the current crisis … from short-term actions to more mid to long term ones …

We will provide clear examples and uses cases … doing our best to adapt them for many industries and pricing types (B2B, B2B2B, B2C,B2B2C)

We will move from Ad-Hoc Pricing to Smart Cost+, Competitive Premium and Value Solutions ….

We will go through Strategic, Pricing, Commercial and Monitoring Best Practices and review the infrastructure to be in place, like People, Organization, Data, Systems, Processes …

A challenging expert content that will be delivered on a simple way … to be used right afterward ….

In a period that travels are not the best idea …. The webinar format is also a suitable option for accessing external expertise and experience … more than 25 years of experience and the expertise collected over 800+ successful projects will be delivered during this webinar ..

With Ryan Maley (Vice President USA Stratence Partners) and Fernando Ventureira (CEO Stratence Partners), we hope that you will enjoy and with that, don’t hesitate to register and invite as many colleagues and contacts as possible. It is free, and you don’t need to travel!

The dates-timeslots of the webinars are set to adapt to different times zones, and the monthly frequency for a flexible agenda:

  • Thursday 2nd of April: 10:30AM CET & 10:30PM CST

  • Thursday 30th of April: 10:30AM CET & 10:30PM CST

  • Thursday 21st of May: 10:30AM CET & 10:30PM CST

  • Thursday 18th of June: 10:30AM CET & 10:30PM CST

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