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Senior Team for Change Management and Stakeholders Involvement with high value experience and expertise

A Senior Team is a fundamental asset for securing the success of a transformation project.

The right approach for Change Management and Stakeholders involvemente is based on the seniority of the key interlocutors, the experience they have and the expertise they demonstrate.

At Stratence Partners, all Partners and Vice Presidents are directly involved in the day to day of the Projects and not only in the "sales process" and/or the usual monthly Project Governance Meeting (i.e. Project Steerco).

Helping management level and in general the stakeholders of the transformational initiative to embrasse the change, understanding the benefits of "new ways of working" is much more easy when it is done by "peers" that are recognised at the same level of seniority.
For the same reason, all Stratence Partners' team members have a relevant operational backgroung (and not only a consulting one), having themselves been in charge of a function as Marketing, Sales, Finance or Pricing (and more), with the right level of "professional empathy" to understand what it takes to deliver results in an Organization, with a mix of short-term and long-term vision.

From the early stage of discussing a project opportunity, through the design of the best approach and project preparation (people, governance, stakeholders mapping, data screening, project detailed planning, etc...), and to the final delivery of the transformational new Eco-System, the Partners and the Vice Presidents of Stratence Partners will keep as the key interlocutors of the Organization, securing the full end-to-end consistency for complying with all expectations and full satisfaction.

In all projects we do, the "Satisfaction Survey" that is part of the Stratence Partners Methodology, is confirming that the seniority, the experience and the expertise of the resources involved in the projects are making a clear difference for a successful development of the transformational initiative.

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Fernando Ventureira

25+ years of experience

Partner Pricing Solutions, Manager PWC, McKinsey, IIC, Booz Allen

Sales & Marketing Manager Alcatel Group

Phd, MBA, BSciT, DipHE

Stratence Partners Vice President

Vice President

Ryan Maley

20+ years of experience

Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer & COO in Strategic Marketing, Digital & IoT

Equipo Elect., Zigbee, Zones, Semplar Science

MBA IL University, BSc Business & Psychology

Vice President

Pascal Ballayer

25+ years of experience

Strategic Head of Finance, CFO and Controller, Consulting in Strategy, Marketing & Pricing

PDD, MD Management & Economics​

Vice President

David Díaz

30+ years of experience

CEO & Founder DZero Solutions, Co-Founder ProBusiness Place, Member Marketing Association of Spain, Vice President Iberia Stratence & Partners, Managing Director Europe & Senior Practice Leader Pricing Solutions EU, Founder Pricing Forum Spain.

Master in Digital Marketing


Senior Vice President

Anjo de Heus

25+ years of experience

Co-Founder & owner of several tech start-ups in Strategy, Pricing & Commercial Excellence. SVP, MD & Sales Manager at Redwood, Quest, Platinum & Performance Software

AMBI Diploma, Systems & Telco

Vice President

Luna Kawash

25 years of experience

CEO and owner of several start-ups empowering women, Group Marketing Director epoints, Pricing, Insights and BI Manager  Zain Telecom, Sr. Media Consultant Promoseven, ICT consultant NTRA (EGYPT)

MSc Economic & Statistics

Vice President Systems

Nathan Walsh

20+ years of experience

Systems Development Manager Maya, NTT, Macquarie Bank

Dataflow Integration, BHP, Ariba, KLJ

Certifications ITIL, SQL, Oracle, Microsoft​

Senior Consultant

Jorge Ríos

25+ years of experience

CFO and Controller, Consulting in Strategy, Marketing & Pricing. Black belt in Spreadsheets (Excel, GSheets) plus extensive experience in other data mining tools (Tableau, Power Bi, Access)

MD Management & Economics​

Esau Flores SPStyle-Beard-LowR-Web.jpg

Senior Vice President

Esaú Flores

20+ years of experience

Corporate Business experience, his last 10 successfully promoting transformation through the adoption of DX technology . His approach on GTM & Commercial Strategy redefinition is data driven.

Yale Univ. PostGrd in Financial Markets and CAPM, AI/ML Certified by the MIT.

Vice President

Navin Singh

25+ years of experience

CEO and CFO level, with Financial, Strategic and Pricing expertise. Recognized expert in producing tangible economic results

ICAI Delhi, ACA Accounting & Finance


Vice President

Srikanth Srinivasan

25+ years of experience

Strategic Advisor, Vice President Commercial, Business Director, Marketing Manager at ISG, Bombardier, Mahindra, Unilever

MBA, BE Institute of Technology

Stratence Partners Vice President

Vice President

Guy Reiners

25+ years of experience

Vice President & Principal SPMG, NTCS, The Pricing Company, Executive Marketing Manager KPN, E-Plus, Orange, RTL, Exxon Mobile

MSc Economic & Business​

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