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Transformational Projects have the complexity (and the interest) to involve many disciplines.
So, mindset change will be the primary driver for a successful transformational Project and will create dependency on the individual success of all other elements.
To make it easier and pragmatic, at Stratence Partners we have developped a "Thought Leadership Model" to consider individually as well as the interactions between People (Profile, Skills, Motivation), Body (Organization, Governance), Process (Activities, Frequency, RACI), Data (Integration, Automation) and Systeme (Tools, Integration).
But more importantly, all this elements are gravitating a unique one: Mindset.
The best transformational project will be definitely the one that will transform the mindset of the Organization ... on top of others "technical elements", even if also needed.
But the best "technical" projec won't produce the expected results if people are not embrassing the change.

To secure the success of Transformational Projects, Stratence Partners applies a 360ª Thought Leadership

People: Training, Coaching & Talent Management

Body: Organization & Governance

Process: Business Process Management

Data: Strategic, Pricing & Commercial Integrated Dataflow

Systems: Tools & IT Integration

Mindset: Engage the Organization to embrace the change

Stratence Partners 360º Thought Leadership Model ®

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