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At Stratence Partners, we love to measure.
That is why when we say "We deliver full satisfaction", we measure it.

Based on a well proven template, we propose a "Satisfaction Survey" for all Stakeholders where we will "score" their satisfaction on some key concepts like organization of events, quality of material, quality of deliveries, expertise of the consultants etc...

We apply this survey in a regular basis, usually after each one of the "milestones" that are composing the Project, to ensure a dynamic and on-time reaction for improvement opportunities.

It is not about measuring at the end of the Project.... it is about to continuously measuring along the Project to ensure full satisfaction of all Stakeholders. And if all Stakeholders are satisfied along the Project, the likelihood to have a very successful wrap-up of the initiative will be obviously very high.

And by the way, at Stratence Partners we love also to commit. That is why we make dependent part of our budget with the payments of our services.

It is about to have "skin in the game", and not only "delivering" a project, but definitely committing with the full satisfaction of the Stakeholders as a guarantee for a successful transformational initiative.

In all Stratence Partners projects, to better secure buy-in & momentum, we measure regularly and commit with 100% level of satisfaction of all the stakeholders involved in the Project, including the following concepts:

Bullet Gears


Plan, schedule, logistics

Bullet Gears


 Updates, documentation

Bullet Gears


Preparation, material, delivery

Bullet Gears


Seniority, expertise, value provided

Bullet Gears


Best practice, quality, pragmatism, simplicity

Strategy Optimization, commercial effectiveness and pricing strategies

I had the pleasure to work closely with Stratence Partners in several challenging projects where its people commitment with hard work, strong methodology, customer engagement and delivering pragmatic results made a clear difference to reach a full Customer Satisfaction.

Eduardo Kuehnel Stratence Partners References


  • Eduardo Kuehnel

Real example of Satisfaction Survey

Based on a well proven template and defined jointly with the Project Team

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