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Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
In all Stratence Partners Projects, we spend time to transfer capabilities to the Organization.
We train, we provide the database, the tools, the checklists, the methodologies, the knowledge about best-practices...
We coach on the use and the application of all this transferred material and expertise....
A transformational Project is the implementation of sustainable capabilities... very different versus a quick-hits (only short-term) initiative.
For implementing sustainable capabilities it is not enough to have the consultants delivering a successful Project. You need also the consultant to transfer to the Organization all the capabilities that will ensure that all changes will be sustainable and ideally reusable-improvable by the Organization itself.
That is why in Stratence Partners, on top of committing with economic results and full satisfaction, we also commit with Capabilities Transfer.
We measure that the "Project Team" and/or the scheduled resources have been transferred with all needed capabilities to "sustain" the project over time, replicate it (i.e. another country and/or BU), and improve what has been designed and implemented, in a clear engagement towards continuous improvement.
And as we do in all occasion that we commit, we link the payment of our Services to the measurement of 100% capabilities transferred to the Organization. In other words, we don't leave the Project until we secure that the Organization will be fully "capable" to sustain it.

Stratence Partners commits with 100% Capability Transfer, measured for each Project’s Milestone Delivery

Example of concepts for Full Capabilities Transfer (Not exhaustive, to be adapted by Project):


Project Management & Governance

Change Management Framework

Diagnostic & Roadmap to Excellence

Quick Wins & Long Term Profitability

Integrated Dataflow Management


Best Practice Strategic Segmentation

Advanced Analytics Thought Process

Pricing & Commercial Policy

Sales Guide & Tenders Cockpit

Best Practice KPI’s & Dashboards

Strategy Optimization, commercial effectiveness and pricing strategies

Real example of Capability Transfer Checklist

To ensure the future autonomy of the Organization for maintaining, improving and re-using over time all Project’s deliveries

Stratence people have been the Partner for a Strategic, Commercial Effectiveness and Pricing Excellence Project. A very complex landscape, where the deep expertise and the very high experience of Stratence people have been 2 fundamental assets to deliver above expectations. On a human perspective also it has been a real pleasure to work together. I definitely recommend Stratence Partners for all Organizations they want to secure a successful project.​

Fatima Fagnani Stratence Partners References


  • Fatima Fagnani
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