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At Stratence Partners, we consider that "New Tech" are not always reasonably applicable to all industries, organization and situations.
But if they are, we are ready to support our Customers on it, either with internal resources or with external collaborations and partnerships.
That is why we helped already not a few Organizations to move their business to digital - web market place, or to design, develop and implement large solutions for Datamart and dataflow integration, data science and complex algorithmic models, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and Ethereum-Smart contracts.
As a start-up / pilot project to at least secure the current understanding and the future application, to an already large scale and fundamented project, Stratence Partners is a recognized companion for New Tech initiatives.

Stratence Partners is one of the most recognized expert Consulting & Systems company in Strategy Optimization, Pricing Excellence & Commercial Effectiveness

Bullet Gears
Bullet Gears
Bullet Gears
Bullet Gears
Bullet Gears

Digital & Web Market Place

Data Mart & Dataflow Integration

Data Science & Algorithmic Models

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Strategy Optimization, commercial effectiveness and pricing strategies
Strategy Optimization, commercial effectiveness an pricing strategies
Pricing Excellence Workshop
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