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World Class Benchmark Model at Smart Cost+, Competitive Premium and Value Solutions Pricing.

The first steps for any organization with the intention to improve, is to "measure effectively" what they are already doing good today, what they are doing with a clear potential for improvement, and more importantly, what they are not doing ….
At the end, we don't know what we don't know ...
So, measuring only the existing capabilities will leave a big "hole" in the exercise.
Then, it is about the train and coach the Organization to understand these 40 best practices, recognising which ones they don't have in place, which one they have already in place and at what maturity level, from Smart Cost+, Competitive Premium, Value Solutions and Excellence maturity levels.
That is why, at Stratence Partners we have developed a "Benchmark Model" with the 40 best practices that are composing the entire landscape for Strategy, Setting, Execution, Monitoring and Infrastructure.
Once the Organization as a good understanding of the current status and the gap versus the Best Practice, it is about to prioritize (Urgency, Importance, Profitability, Easiness) for conforming the future "Roadmap for Excellence"

Stratence Partners applies in all Projects a proprietary World Class Benchmark Model refined over more than 25 years and 800 Projects, to support the Organizations towards an effective profitable Excellence

Train & coach the Organization to understand the current capabilities in place and the gaps towards Excellence

Support the Organization to set the vision, priorities and ambitions

Co-design cross-functionally the Strategic, Pricing & Commercial Excellence Roadmap

Stratence Partners World Class Benchmark Model ®

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