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"Working with Stratence Partners has allowed us to deeply explore challenging areas, bringing an exponential improvement of the organization's Data Science and implementing new decisional supporting tools based on Market Intelligence. 
The main benefits have been a significant optimization of product and customer strategies, Pricing Gross-to-Net management and commercial execution, significantly impacting the profitability of the company.
These new capabilities in combination with Stratence Partners' highly effective change management methodology has developed a new business culture towards more dynamic and data-driven decisions, improving the organization's results, and benefiting our patients' access. 
Also, the international and cross-industries background of the Consultants with a rich balance of experience, expertise and pragmatic solutions thinking have made a significant difference for establishing long-term strategies, being undoubtedly the basis for our future plans for the region."

Israel Fuentes



I have collaborated  with Stratence Partners to implement multiple, successful and global Pricing and Commercial Transformations with systematic cross functional engagement.
Their pragmatic approaches for Strategy Optimization, Change Management and Pricing Data Science have produced robust and sustainable impacts in several industries as Crop Science, Oil & Gas and Healthcare.
I definitely recommend Stratence Partners as a strategic partner of choice for their Pricing Best Practices and Value Pricing Commercial Execution expertise.

Jean Gabriel


  • Jean Gabriel Gautier

“With Stratence Partners, we designed a new customer centric Market Strategy, involving the full organization for an effective change management. It has been a complete Digital Transformation, from Strategy, through Pricing, Execution and Performance Monitoring, providing solutions not only for the organization’s ambitions but for our clients expectations. The methodology of Stratence Partners based on “Coaching & Training” has been very well appreciated, and the support provided for implementing in the field, neck-to-neck with our sales (KAM) team has delivered very positive results”

Luis Bedoya


  • Luis Bedoya

While the digital transformation was not the primary objective of the project, I understand what makes sense from marketing perspective. Some ideas from my end as below, but it is up to you to decide what to pick up.
I worked with Stratence Partners, leading a Transformation project which enabled us data-driven decision-making for the cycle of pricing strategy, implementation, and performance monitoring. Stratence Partners fully supported from the initial Diagnostic phase to the final implementation of a New Pricing Strategy including operational capabilities. I have really appreciated the human approach for Change Management and the full commitment on transferring the capabilities of Dataflow, Tools and Systems Solutions for future autonomy. The project delivered above expectations on satisfaction and economic results.

Yasuhiro Nishimi


  • Yasuhiro Nishimi

I had the chance to lead a project in collaboration with Stratence Partners, with a complex scope of Digital Transformation for optimizing our Strategy, move our Pricing Capabilities towards Excellence and strengthen our Commercial Effectiveness. The capacity from Stratence Partners to manage human relationships and cultural specificities, as well as their experience, expertise and structured methodologies have been some of the key components for a very successful outcome of the initiative, with a clear mindset-engagement from the organization they supported us to understand and apply modern tools during the project leading to an “above than expected” qualitative and quantitative results. I definitely recommend Stratence as the partner of choice for such kind of projects.

Vitor Nunes


  • Vitor Nunes

The key success factor in our collaboration with Stratence Partners has been its specific and well-structured Change Management methodology for involving proactively the Sales / KAM organization, with continuous and top-notch training and coaching support.
This unique approach for implementing pragmatic best-practices supported by data intelligence and user-friendly sales-executions tools has boasted business opportunities.
It has also unleashed new capabilities in Strategy, Pricing and Commercial Execution, triggering a better efficiency in the ways-of-working, a better efficacy in delivering the company’s goals, and developing better relationships with our customers.

Rogelio Villaseñor


  • Michel Velasco

I had the chance to engage with Stratence Partners for a transformational pricing project, with the primary objective to move the organization to an omnichannel Pricing Strategy. I can say that the expertise, experience, and structured methodology of the Stratence team for integrating change management, strategy optimization and pricing excellence made a difference in the journey for effective implementation. Additionally, the support of Stratence in the definition of the pricing eco system and the implementation across the full process of Strategy and Execution has been a key asset for the transformational pricing project.

Michel Velasco


  • Michel Velasco

I would strongly recommend to consult and/or engage with Stratence Partners. They are focused in delivering practical results, driving organization improvement applying new working methodology. Through their broad mix of experienced people, they offer the right expertise and capability to deliver immediate financial returns and support organization performance for the long term.

Jessica Fradier Stratence Partners References


  • Jessica Fradier

I have had the privilege of working with Stratence Partners on multiple projects. Their professionalism and experience made them easy to work with. The value we received from working with them has paid huge dividend and easily showed a good ROI. I would recommend working with Stratence Partners

Jim Goodman Stratence Partners References


  • Jim Goodman

Over the last 10 years, I worked as an Executive Pricing Leader for several global Organizations and several Industries and had the opportunity to be supported by Stratence Partners people on many high value Projects, worldwide. I must say that their expertise and pragmatism have been key to help shape an optimized Strategy and build up stronger Commercial and Pricing capabilities (Processes, Governance, Structure, Dataflow & Systems). Overall, these investments made possible $335M profit capture. I would recommend Stratence Partners to any leader who is willing to drive significant and sustainable financial impacts.

Frédéric Duhamalle Stratence Partners References


  • Frédéric Duhamelle

Stratence Partners people have been involved in a challenging 1+ year project to merge 5 different entities across Europe, where we worked to incorporate business strategy into Governance, Processes and Systems. Skills in Project Management and experience in delivering tangible and pragmatic results have made a big difference to finally enjoy a successful outcome of the entire initiative.

Luis Adão da Fonseca Stratence Partners References


  • Luis Adao da Fonseca
Markus Erne Stratence Partners Reference

I worked with Stratence Partners people on an Excellence Journey where they brought a lot of experience and pragmatism which help the organization to make an impressive capabilities enhancements.
We have skilled-up the People and implemented Processes, Governances and several tools for Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Sales Execution Cockpit and Performance Monitoring.

Luigi Radaelli Stratence Partners References


  • Luigi Radaelli
David Villafranca Stratence Partners Reference
Eduardo Kuehnel Stratence Partners Reference
Fatima Fagnani Stratence Partners Reference

Through different Projects types (Strategy, Processes, Systems) and different industries (Banking, Insurance, Retail .. etc..), Stratence Partners people have always demonstrated an outstanding capacity to quickly understand the specificities of the Customer's business. Being capable of creating an excellent relationship with clients from CEO to Field Sales People, securing a complete Change Management framework and so an effective implementation of the improvements.

 José Antonio López Rubio Stratence Partners References


  • Jose Antonio López Rubio

Stratence Partners Team joined Korea’s Excellence Team as Consultants for 18 months. Their business oriented thinking and ‘walk the talk’ behaviour have created personal trust, credibility and ‘working together’ spirit. They challenged the status quo in a persuasive manner, trying to find better ways of working which resulted in establishing a solid platform in the company. Stratence Partners are very committed people with passion, business acumen and self-motivation as well as good cross-cultural understanding. I have been very satisfied with their performance and ways of working. I am very sure that their strong leadership, experience and passion will bring great benefits for the Clients.

YongWhan Kim Stratence Partnets Refereces


  • YongWhan Kim

I worked closely with Stratence Partners in several international projects. And I would like to highlight the robust Methodology they have for change management and strategy optimization that delivered terrific results in all Projects

Christian Winter Stratence Partners References


  • Christian Winter

I recommend Stratence Partners for the very good job done, for instance, for the redefinition and implementation of a new model of Processus and Systems. The results have been the effective Implementation of an enhanced model of Processus and Systems that moved the company Strategy from promoting usual operations to an integrated vision of a profitable management of the Operations

Ignacio Jaureguizar Stratence Partners References


I had the pleasure to work with Stratence Partners people for a 2-years Excellence Project and not only the support was outstanding in terms of skills and guidance provided, but also remarkable for the commitment, passion and professionalism constantly demonstrated.

Paolo de Angeli Stratence Partners Reference


  • Paolo de Angeli

I have worked with Stratence Partners team in the past and in that time I found them to be quite inspirational taking on a very complex project to deliver a strategy optimization and commercial excellence project including a bleeding edge fully automated System for a well known fashion retailer.
I found they had great integrity and resilience. I would recommend them to any one and hope I have the opportunity to work with them again

Adam Monk Statence Partners References


  • Adam Monk

Through all the Projects with Stratence Partners, what impressed me so much has been how powerful is the Methodology they use to put in place the Dataflow, delivering strong Dashboards and through a high frequency follow-up on the performance, very strong results.

Alexandre Dubois


  • Alexandre Dubois

The opportunity I had to work with Stratence Partners brought me a sound and deep understanding on how to make pragmatic and implement in the "real world" the most advanced Methodologies and Systems for helping Organizations to optimize their Strategy, make much more efficient their Commercial capabilities, and move towards the Journey to Pricing Excellence. I highly recommend to engage with Stratence Partners for all of these companies that on top of good slides decks, are looking for an efficient implementation and $$ tangible results.

Rodrigo Sanz



It has been a great experience to work jointly with Stratence Partners in multi-disciplinary coaching projects to improve strategy, commercial effectiveness and pricing excellence of various organizations. Stratence Partners has the right methodology and appropriate expertise/experience to help companies implementing governance, structure, processes, dataflow and tools effectively. I recommend to consult Stratence Partners to understand the unique value they can add to your success.​

Thomas Gelmi


  • Thomas Gelmi

Working with Stratence Partners, I have learned a lot on how to secure successful Projects by applying best practices for Change Management and Full Capabilities Transfer. On this way, taking care about the “people” involved, and providing a superior level of expertise and experience gave all Projects I did with Stratence Partners an undoubtable ground to deliver superior results, respect of the budget and timelines, and full satisfaction for the quality of the deliverables.​

 Felipe Chandia Stratence Partners Reference



We have established along the years a profund and sustainable partnership with Stratence Partners. They have a unique approach to business problems blending efficiently strategy & leadership, business intelligence & data science, with a focus on rapid execution and results delivery. Change management is always at the core of the methodology. In almost every project we collaborate in, one of the key objective is to replace existing pricing methods by innovative ones, implementing for ex. advanced optimization models or hybrid innovation monetization approaches. The science behind profitable growth strategies and methods is evolving fast and Stratence Partners is always making a difference.

Dr. Manu Carricano


  • Dr. Manu Carricano

I know Stratence Partners since we worked together in for implementing an enhanced Strategy, Commercial Effectiveness and Pricing Excellence, at Transactional and Value levels of Maturity, including Processes, Governance, People and Systems (Big Data, Tools and Integration). Until now we still keep in touch. Stratence Partners suggestions, advise, Change Management Framework and Full Capabilities Transfer gave us strong and powerful improvements. I am very sure, you and your company will growth and get success for the future. Congratulation Senior, we support your company as you have proved to us.

Guntur Satrio Wibowo Stratence Partners References


  • Guntur Satrio Wibowo

It has been an honor to work with Stratence Partners in several projects and different industries. And what I have most appreciated has been the pragmatism and high level of expertise to help Customers to put in place a better Strategy and the Systems and Tools that are making sense in the short term to unleash the potential of the Organization.​

Felipe Franco de Rueda Stratence Partners References


  • Thomas Gelmi

I have been collaborating closely with Stratence Partners in the measurement of organizational Maturity in the areas of Market Strategy, Commercial Execution and Pricing Excellence, and I confirm that their approach and methodologies are robust and extremely valuable. What I have particularly appreciated is their focus on capability transfer, providing the full framework of support including Methodology, Tools, Documentation, Training and Coaching in order to have our Team fully autonomous in applying the concepts and extracting the value.

Richard Fergusson



I had the pleasure to colaborate with Stratence Partners, and I can confirm the high level of professionalism and experience in helping Organization to improve.

Rafael Yelo


  • Rafael Yelo

Stratence Partners are open minded and high level strategists. They helped us to build the organization structure and work process flows that

Miguel Caparros



Stratence's proprietary transformational and change management oriented methodology is based on iterations (Agile), triggering the learning curve all Organizations are meant to go through. So, the 'learning by doing' approach is accounted in the transformation journey and thus the traditional waterfall project applies no more. The constant Agile blueprinting exercise that finds and enriches at every step the profitability opportunities depends, of course, on the overall pricing maturity. But Stratence will support for starting with basics and pragmatic capabilities to progress towards an state of the art, symbiotic ecosystem that points and recommends the best strategic, pricing and commercial options. That will provide progressively all the required data structures towards plugging into AI/ML to run some of the most complex predictive analytics, willingness to pay, win-loss and value pricing. Enjoy your time with Stratence, it is a cultural refresher!

Esau Flores.jfif


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