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Over 25 years, globally, Stratence Partners has developed a unique capability to support their customers on the system side, with specific expert resources, proprietary approaches and solutions.
On a full agnostic perspective, we help Organizations to select external applications, or to develop by themselves, or to (re)use intelligently the ones they have already in place.  
With a modular IT Platform concept, composed by Data Science (Integration, Automation), Dynamic Behavioral Segmentation (Markets, Products, Services, Customers), Advanced Analytics (Machine Learning Automation), Strategic, Pricing & Commercial Toolbox (Dynamic Market Artificial Intelligence), User Interfaces (Contracts, Distribution, Tenders, eCommerce), and finally KPI's and Dashboards (Predictive Analytics).

With specific, dedicated and expert resources, we support agnostically our Customers to develop, acquire, implement and integrate the different elements of a Best Practice Strategic, Pricing & Commercial IT Platform

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