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Top 1 of the 200 Sales Stories

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Top 1 of the 200 Sales Stories

I am sure that most of us we have been there … in this kind of discussion with sales people … right?

Yes, one of the first thing you should be prepared to hear: We are too expensive!

Really (George), are we?

And if we are … how much?

10% more expensive …. 0,01% more expensive?

If we are too expensive … what is the price of the competition ?

If you don’t know the price of your competition, how could you say that you are too expensive?

And, most importantly, is it a price for the same value proposition ?

Or when the customer says you are too expensive … it means that your price-value proposition is not as well adapted to the customer’s willingness to pay than the one from your competitor?

If so … sometimes my price is monetary cheaper .. but in the eyes of my customer… I am too expensive …

Does it make sense to you?


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