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Key Takeaways from our last Webinar: Adapt Quickly Your Pricing System in Times of Crisis

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Last week, we had the pleasure to host a Webinar with the objective to provide a pragmatic review on how Pricing, Strategic and Commercial Dataflow & Systems could be efficiently improved with short term solutions. By the way, thanks to all the people that has participated! Great interactions, very interesting questions and insightful discussions … The key takeaways were: - Pricing Systems needs to be part of a larger vision, embedding

  • Strategy Optimization

  • Pricing Excellence

  • Commercial Effectiveness

- Pricing Systems are part of a broader Eco-System: A software “alone” won’t solve your Pricing …. You need to integrate a transformational approach for

  • People

  • Governance

  • Organization

  • Processes

  • Data

  • Systems Integration

- Pricing Systems must institutionalize “Best Practices”: Define first your Best Practices, and then request a System to automate – support them - The good Pricing System would support you along your journey to excellence: From Smart Cost+, through Competitive Premium and Value-Solutions Pricing - For unlocking the complexity of a Pricing System, approach it with a modular structure: 1) Data Intelligence 2) Dynamic Behavioral Segmentation 3) Analytical Intelligence 4) Waterfall Toolbox 5) Sales & Commercial User Interface a. Exception Management b. Peer Incentives 6) Performance Monitoring - What will really make the difference for a successful Pricing System initiative will be the level of acceptance from the people in the Organization … and so, the most important stream of your project must be “Mindset Change”, and the strongest skill within your team would be “Change & Stakeholders Management”. Are we missing something?


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