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Stratence Partners helps on the top 5 priorities defined by McKinsey

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Stratence Partners top priorities
Stratence Partners top priorities

Yes we do ….

In all Projects we co-design and effectively implement with our Partners-Clients:

- We assist the organization for improving the different types of Costs:

  • Structural Costs: Cleaning, automating, removing non-value-added tasks and human workload across the different functions (Marketing, Sales, Pricing, Controlling, R&D, Supply Chain …)

  • Cost to Sell: Defining the more efficient Go-To-Market for each case, managing better “Services for Free”, Charges, Samples, Days of Payment, … etc ..

  • Cost to Serve: Incoterms, minimum orders, urgent deliveries, picking, formats, truck/pallet/box/unit configurations …

- We help the organization for a significant growth on Transactional (B2B, B2C), Distribution (B2B2B, B2B2C) and Tendering competitive landscapes:

  • Selling more to the current customers through the intelligence of portfolio, products, services and share of accounts

  • Avoiding churn (losing customers) detecting in advance the ones at risk vs. competition

  • Growing the customer base with targeted “high-win-ratio” proposals

  • Developing new and better products and services (Solutions)

- We support the organization for Digital Transformation:

  • Aligning this new Go-To-Market with current ones (Strategy, Products, Services, Prices and Conditions)

  • Defining, designing (blue-printing), developing and implementing the integrated E-Com / Eco-System (People, Governance, Processes, Dataflow, Tools)

- We collaborate with the organization for moving towards a “best practice” Performance Management:

  • Defining the future strategic scenarios and linking them to the right planned results (KPI’s and dashboards)

  • Implementing the dataflow, the tools, the processes, the governance, the exception management, the skills and the right cross-functional mindset

  • Aligning the market, pricing and commercial strategy with the incentive scheme of the individuals

And of course, sure you already know, we are well-known to help in Pricing, across many industries, leveraging 25+ years of experience and 800+ successful projects, worldwide.

What else should we do to help you better?


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