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Machine Learning applied to Strategic, Pricing & Commercial Excellence

Machine Learning applied to Strategic, Pricing & Commercial Excellence

Proactive, changing “Rules” every day (Even real time for eCommerce)

Dynamic, by supporting “Algorithms”, no static values

Business User oriented, natural multi-languages (Excel, Word)

Scenarios for testing the results of rules before to deploy

Versioning Management: for understanding the Rules applied currently & in the past

Simplicity with “rows & columns” Multi-Dimensional Rules (No flat Rules)

Consistency Rules across different Strategies and Go-To-Market

Automation for Quotes & Orders

Integrating with multiple “Legacy” Systems (ERP, CRM, Call Center, Web …)

Over the past 25 years and 800 successful projects, we helped many Organizations, globally and in many industries, implementing New Tech as Machine Learning to support better the journey towards Strategy Optimization, Pricing Excellence and Commercial Effectiveness

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