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Strategy, Pricing and Commercial Excellence Word Tour 2021

In these times of uncertainty, it is even more important for Organizations to define and implement effectively new capabilities and new approaches to support better the business and adapt proactively to the market dynamics.

That is why Stratence Partners, in partnership with enCom Global, is announcing the “2021 World Tour”, a 1-day workshop on:

Pragmatic & Sustainable Transformation for Strategy Optimization, Pricing Excellence & Commercial Effectiveness

With a world-class content, top- notch presenters from Stratence Partners and in each city with the support of “Local Experts Advisors”, we propose to go through the state-of-the-art approaches, methodologies, best practices, tools, dataflow, analytics, technologies and an extensive content for a successful and profitable transformational journey, with short-term impact and long-term vision.

During 2021 we will be delivering this high-value workshops across multiple cities: Frankfurt (February), Stockholm (March), Amsterdam (April), Dubai (May), Paris (June), London (July), Singapore (August), Zurich (September), Las Vegas (October), Sao Paolo (November), Brussels (December).

Either you want to participate as an attendee or to postulate as a Local Expert Advisor, don’t hesitate to register through this link and save the date in your calendar:

I hope we will have the opportunity to enjoy this event with your presence in 2021, and the full Stratence Partners keep at your entire disposition for.


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