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Yes …. We have been there ….

At the Professional Pricing Society 2019 European Conference, last week in Berlin.

Thanks to all of you that came to our booth and had good discussions around Strategy Optimization, Pricing Excellence & Commercial Effectiveness.

Key insights?

On my side:

  • Dataflow integrity is still a major road-blocker for moving towards the journey to excellence …. With no data … No intelligence …

  • Change Management is too often underestimated …. If people don’t want … Things don’t work …

  • Not a few companies jumping too early in a “Big Bang” system project …. With the objective to “automate” what they are doing wrong and improve what they are not doing …. ☹

  • Still too many Pricing organizations without a clear, measured and validated objective of their contribution to the P&L of the company …. Pricing must bring value …

And you … your key insights?


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