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Last call!

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Stratence Partners best seller

Why to write a book?

Ego: Not Stratence Partners’ style

Money: Not really …. All benefits will be for Non-For-Profit organizations

Sharing knowledge: YES! We can definitely help a lot of peers by transferring to them “hundreds” of years of experience and “thousands” years of projects’ expertise

Expanding peers’ network: YES! It is always good to increase linked minded people’s connections

Promoting our profile: YES! Writing a book is always benefit the “value” of our CV, individual and business’ one.

So, why Stratence would write a book on its own? Makes no sense, right?

That is why, after a lot of thinking, we decided to go for a “collaborative book writing”…..

We will try to regroup as many “peers” as possible, seasoned professionals, with a demonstrated background in Strategy, Pricing and Commercial Excellence and all together, to “co-write” a book.

With a collaborative platform in LinkedIn itself, we will invite the co-writers to review, provide their wisdom, knowledge, experience and expertise for writing what we want (and we will work hard for) as a Best Seller!

So, don’t hesitate to contact me at

We will be very pleased to be as many as possible.

Looking forward to having you as a co-writer of a Best-Seller!


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