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A very special moment: back to the new normal

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Great Workshop in Copenhagen Strategy, Pricing and Commercial Transformation

Last week, after 2 years of pandemic area, I had the great pleasure to be back in wonderful Copenhagen.

In March the 11th of 2020, we had a Workshop in this loved city for presenting our Consulting Services in Strategy Optimization, Pricing Excellence and Commercial Effectiveness.

48 people were appointed, from several industries, and with a mix of roles like Strategy Transformation, Digital Transformation, Pricing Executives, Sales & Commercial Vice-Presidents, Financial Managers, etc.

Only 8 attendants showed up.

This same morning, the Danish government closed the public transport and declared an exceptional situation due to COVID pandemic.

We delivered the workshop to this reduced group of professionals, that in the end went very well, with good and expert interactions.

This same afternoon, we struggled to catch the last flight for returning home, as most of them were cancelled.

I remember this day as the first one when I realized the impact on our life of the COVID drama.

That is why now, after almost 2 years, it is a very special moment to be back in Copenhagen, working finally face-to-face with the good clients-partners we have out there.

It is like to close a chapter … and hopefully start a positive new one!

And you, when did you realize that COVID was here to change your life?

Have you already closed this chapter?


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