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Moving From a “Command & Ctrl Pricing Model” to a “new Competitive & Agile Pricing & Sales Execution

Introduction To Stratence Partners. Cross-Industry Expertise & Selected References

  • Developed and acquired deep expertise by partnering with leading Organizations across many Industries

  • Applies Thought-Leadership and Cross-Pollination to help the Organizations to outperform the competition through innovation and disruptive Best-Practices

Case Study: FMCG | Flavor & Fragrance Industry

Problem statement

  • Industry inherent challenges to price their unique creations, i.e., unique flavors tailored to meet each multinational client’s market need

  • Industry heavily impacted by commodity prices (vanilla, citrus…), volatile raw material costs

  • Increasing Client Procurement pressure from professionals heavily trained to push price down

  • Sales Teams poorly equipped to defend their prices during challenging negotiations with Procurement Teams

  • Cost plus mindset


  • Complete review on “as is” ways of working & capabilities, benchmarked against our World Class model

  • Delivered highly insightful new pricing analytics

  • Got 100% of commercial stakeholders excited about the uncovered opportunities and new Strategy

  • Got Top Leadership buy-in of the new Strategy & Roadmap


  • Pilot in two countries, before scaling up globally

  • Empower the Sales Teams to better price their offers

Business impact

  • US$8M profit gain uncovered across US$189M sales

  • Bought-in by both the Commercial and Senior Leaders


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