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Michel Velasco2.jpg

Michel Velasco

I had the chance to engage with Stratence Partners for a transformational pricing project, with the primary objective to move the organization to an omnichannel Pricing Strategy. I can say that the expertise, experience, and structured methodology of the Stratence team for integrating change management, strategy optimization and pricing excellence made a difference in the journey for effective implementation. Additionally, the support of Stratence in the definition of the pricing eco system and the implementation across the full process of Strategy and Execution has been a key asset for the transformational pricing project.

Luis Bedoya2-Ok.jpg

Luis Bedoya

With Stratence Partners, we designed a new customer centric Market Strategy, involving the full organization for an effective change management. It has been a complete Digital Transformation, from Strategy, through Pricing, Execution and Performance Monitoring, providing solutions not only for the organization’s ambitions but for our clients expectations. The methodology of Stratence Partners based on “Coaching & Training” has been very well appreciated, and the support provided for implementing in the field, neck-to-neck with our sales (KAM) team has delivered very positive results

Rogelio VIllaseñor-2.jpg

Rogelio Villaseñor

The key success factor in our collaboration with Stratence Partners has been its specific and well-structured Change Management methodology for involving proactively the Sales / KAM organization, with continuous and top-notch training and coaching support.
This unique approach for implementing pragmatic best-practices supported by data intelligence and user-friendly sales-executions tools has boasted business opportunities.
It has also unleashed new capabilities in Strategy, Pricing and Commercial Execution, triggering a better efficiency in the ways-of-working, a better efficacy in delivering the company’s goals, and developing better relationships with our customers.

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