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Top 3 of the 200 Sales Stories

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Stratence Partners top 3 sales stories

And the answer is no …

Because even part of the job of a good purchaser is to convince providers’ salespeople that “there is no value … let’s discuss only about the price” … There is always a minimum of Value in the purchasing decision …

Let’s say (and exaggerating a bit) that in a high value proposal (products, services, solution), Value will weight for 30% of the decision, and for a more me-too (commoditized) proposal, Value will only weight for 3% of the decision …

But there is still a 3% you can fight for … and 3% of gross profit is in some organizations “hundreds” of millions to be added to the P&L … right?

And if your Customer is willing to pay for only “3% of Value”, make sure you are not delivering the 30% … making your proposal out of the game (too expensive) and/or out of a profitable “sanity” range.

But we will go deeper on that in one of our next “200 Sales Stories” … keep in the loop!


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