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Budgeting for 10% Gross Profit Increase

Budgeting for 10% Gross Profit Increase

Are you budgeting for 10 % Gross Profit increase in 2021?

Increasing +1% Net Incomes without affecting Fixed and Variable Costs could increase Gross Profit by +10%

That is why Pricing is the most effective lever for profitability, by acting on:

  • List Price repositioning

  • Discount & rebates efficiencies

  • Charges & other conditions structure

  • Cost to Sell & to Serve rationalization

  • Products & Services portfolio extension

  • Accounts & markets penetration

  • New customers and churn management

Over the past 25 years and 800 successful projects, we helped many Organizations, globally and in many industries, implementing sustainable solutions for increasing Gross Profit from 5% to 12%.

We commit with!

Don’t hesitate to request a 1,5 hour free workshop to review how similar “+10% Gross Profit increase” uses cases would be applied to your Organization.

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