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Discover Stratence Partners' Expertise in Just One Week at the 2024 World EPA Congress in Amsterdam

Stratence Partners. Collage of World EPA Congress 2024 Events

Stratence Partners: Showcasing Excellence at the 2024 World EPA Congress in Amsterdam


Stratence Partners at the Evidence, Pricing & Access World Congress 2024. Three days of activities with Stratence Partners experts and a Selected group of Strategic Pricing and Commercial Leaders, during the World EPA Congress 2024.

RAI Congress Centre, Amsterdam │March 12 - 13, 2024


The day before the World EPA Congress 2024, Stratence Partners will be hosting a networking and expert VIP dinner. Enjoy a select and friendly space for strengthening relationships with peers and share insights, expertise and experience.


During the World EPA Congress, Stratence Partners will be sharing their expertise in the Pricing Track.

Title: Strategic Pricing Gross to Net Best Practices in Healthcare


- Applying the Stratence Partners’ World Class Models to the Healthcare Commercial Archetypes

- Building a Business Case and a successful Roadmap for Healthcare Gross to Net Project


And in the Digital Transformation Track.

Title: Healthcare Digital Transformation Towards Profitable Growth


- Introduction to a Digital Transformational Project in Healthcare

- Key components for Digital Transformation Towards Profitable Growth


Visit Us at the EPA World Congress 2024, Booth 172 to meet our team.


Who can you find at our booth?


Click on the following link to get the full picture about this event:


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