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Exploring Houston to Find Its Most Exceptional Talents

Stratence Partners is looking for the best candidates in Houston

To support the growing demand of Stratence Partners customers, we are looking for incorporating to our team the best candidates with the following profile:

• Cross-industries and regions-cultures background

• Proven expertise and experience (20 years+) in:

o Strategy Optimization

o Pricing Excellence

o Commercial Effectiveness

o Performance Monitoring

• Used to methodologies, frameworks, and approaches for:

o Transformational Initiatives

o Change Management (Involving, Coaching, Training by doing)

o Short-Term Quick Wins and Long-Term Vision

o Sustainable Capabilities and Continuous Improvement

• Clear mindset and commitment for:

o Pragmatic Deliveries

o Effective Implementation

o Results Oriented (Profit & Growth)

• Literate & comfortable to leverage best practices in:

o Data Science

o Market Intelligence

o Analytics & Predictive Models

o Data Automation

o Systems-Tools Integration

o Processes & Organizational Re-engineering

o DOA & Governance

o People, Skills, and Training

• Strong executive network & communication skills

What do we offer:

• Excellent economic conditions, uncapped

• Freedom to operate with good quality of life balance

• Strong marketing & business development support

• Proven methodologies, templates & tools for successful projects

• Dynamic entrepreneurial & young-thinking team

• Structured path for becoming a VP-Partner and developing your own “local” organization

Contact directly: Fernando Ventureira, CEO Stratence Partners


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