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Just Two Weeks Away! Apr 16-18, Munich, Germany

PSWS '24: Join us for expert insights on digital transformation.

Mark your calendars for an imminent gathering of business innovators and strategic leaders! The 7th Annual Pricing Strategy World Summit (PSWS '24) is set to unleash cutting-edge insights and strategies for maximizing business performance in the digital era. Don't miss this opportunity to network, engage, and transform with the best in the industry.

7th Annual Pricing Strategy World Summit (PSWS ’24). Three days of activities with Stratence Partners experts and a Selected group of Strategic Pricing and Commercial Leaders.

Apr 16-18, Munich, Germany

Promoted by Ardensi, powered by Stratence Partners

Click on the following link to get the full picture about this event:

Don’t hesitate to engage with one of the Stratence Partners’ Team members to review your goals and current initiatives and how we successfully supported organizations like yours:Fernando Ventureira - Frederic Duhamelle - Niels Skov - Rick Mather - Dr. Ramesh Caussy - Israel Fuentes - Manuel de la Guardia Villalón - David Diaz - Nathan Walsh - Eduardo Villanueva Suarez - Jérôme Mérian - Navin Singh - Krishna Chaitanya


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