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New Stratence Partners Senior Vice President: Arnaud Mallevre

Arnaud Mallevre. New Senior Vice President at Stratence Partners

Having more than 25 years of experience in Digital, Pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry, Arnaud is an internationally renowned Transformation Leader and Business scaler. Entrepreneurship and attention to customer satisfaction are at the heart of its philosophy. Arnaud enables Stratence Partners’ clients to expand at global scale effective new strategic business models, revenue management and sales execution function, because adaptation and evolution are the key success factors of any sustainable business.

Arnaud is also a recognized and appreciated team leader. Having a strong record of delivery for new services and projects, Arnaud knows that change is not just the execution of a plan but the transformation of a mindset for a group, a Unit or a corporation.

Arnaud holds a master Engineering Diploma in Automatic and IT for Industry from a French Engineering School (ESIA aka. Polytech Savoie). He built his career from the CEA in China to the creation of NeoNautica in the UAE via an experience in Roche and Microsoft in Switzerland.

Arnaud is a seasoned program manager in digital transformation, innovation go to market and technology transfer at scale. He led more than 20 strategic projects for corporations in various sectors of the industries he worked with. Straight forward, pragmatic, driven by ethics and efficiency, Arnaud will evaluate and build the strategy on a program execution before the execution in the real life to support the best change with a high level of customer satisfaction.

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