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New Stratence Partners Vice President: Anh Bourcet

Stratence Partners New Vice President Anh Bourcet


Seasoned Global Healthcare Leader, Anh Bourcet (Nguyen) has a 15-year track record of driving excellence and transformation in Market Access for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics. Known for establishing strategic multi-stakeholder partnerships, Anh has shaped access policies, built the Market Access function from the ground up, transformed clinical practices, for optimised patient access to innovations.

Passionate about improving patient access to innovations, her leadership positions enabled her to drive change within and outside organisations. In her role of APAC Director Health Economics & Market Access in Johnson & Johnson, she led successful premium reimbursements and accelerated launches. She then joined Abbott to head Market Access and build the function from the ground up in APAC. Prior to these, she worked as a regulator, developing policies for innovations at the French Health Safety Agency (ANSM).

Her contributions to the field have been widely recognized, and she has been a regular speaker at major international conferences, providing valuable insights on topics such as access, reimbursement, digital health and health data.


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