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New Stratence Partners Vice President: Krishna Chaitanya

Profile picture of Krishna, a pricing and growth strategy expert with 12+ years of consulting experience.

Krishna is an expert in pricing and growth strategy, boasting over 12 years of experience in consulting and business development in both the UK and India. Within Stratence Partners, Krishna assists clients in crafting their pricing strategies, conducting growth analytics, ensuring effective implementation, and maintaining governance.

Previously, Krishna has been employed by two esteemed top-line growth consulting firms: Simon-Kucher & Partners and SIM Advisory. During his tenure at these firms, he engaged in a wide array of projects that encompassed various facets of B2B pricing. His responsibilities included strategy development, price adjustments, product bundling and packaging, pricing negotiations and governance, customer segmentation and differentiated pricing, discount optimization, account-level targeting, and negotiation planning, among others.

Krishna has collaborated with clients hailing from diverse sectors, including B2B services, telecom, IT services, financial services, SaaS products and platforms, manufacturing, and automotive. Additionally, during his tenure at Infosys UK, he also worked with clients in the retail and logistics sectors in roles related to sales and account management.

Krishna possesses a background in computer science engineering and holds a master's degree in management from the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow. His proficiency extends to data analytics and machine learning tools and techniques, which he frequently leverages in his projects.

Welcome on board, Krishna!!


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