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New Stratence Partners Vice President: Tarig A. Monim

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Stratence Partners New Vice President Tarig A. Monim


Tarig is a senior-level executive, subject matter expert, and advisor on Business and Corporate Strategy planning and execution, Performance Management, Program and Project Management, Operations Management to achieve corporate and business goals. Been a trusted advisor for reputable organizations across various industries including financial services, insurance, municipalities, governments, and others.

Tarig brings more than 30 years of leadership, strategy, executive and senior management in different parts of the world from North America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Working in different roles, Tarig has worked in and with many sectors and industries from the Oil, Energy Chemicals, Textile, Leather Tanning, a Water Treatment and other process industries sugar, edible oils, refineries, and others. and several others.

From strategy development to strategic planning to establishment of SMO (strategy management office), to performance management systems (KPIs, Process performance indicators, cascading). Strategic projects and initiatives. Business Planning and Operations management to deliver strategic goals and targets.

Work that included pricing and costing exercises and projects in the manufacturing, services, government, and public services.

Areas of Expertise

Strategy Development, Planning and Execution

Tarig is an advisor for corporate strategy annual planning, design, and execution of extensive strategy and performance management systems from development to implementation and review.

He supported and facilitated Board and executive management discussions on strategic planning and execution.

And has led strategy and BSC (balanced scorecard) implementation, Established SMO.

With an excellent ability to formulate Vision and develop and implement a strategy to deliver results.

He has led Strategic Projects/Initiatives: PPPs, Re-Organization, development of KPIs, BSC (balanced scorecard). And played lead roles in major PPP ($100 m +), and ERP systems (Oracle) (largest in the world)

Leading training for executives and senior managers from Africa, the Middle East and Asia on Strategy, Leadership, and other areas. Strong quantitative and qualitative analysis including financial analysis, market study, and competitor benchmarking with strong competition and market awareness and intelligence.

Performance Management

Tarig has set up frameworks to monitor corporate and departmental KPIs, develop KPIs, cascade and lead the implementation of reporting, monitoring, designing, and implementing Operational and Process Performance measures with delivering expertise on business and operational performance suggesting, designing, and delivering change across processes to optimize productivity and boost efficiency. He has direct Operational experience with leading different functions from HR to Finance and has worked in different sectors.

Operations Management

From turnarounds, pricing for products and services: from consumer to business products, technical to consulting services. Profitability improvements, costs and costs allocations, valuations, public services costs and pricing, revenue development, consulting in this area to SMEs (owner -manager), other businesses. Solid analytical skills, including identifying and gathering relevant data and information from both internal and external sources, and analysis of large data sets.


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