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Stratence Partners announces: The SPIE

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

After 25 years helping organizations to improve their dataflow, tools and systems integration, we are proud to announce the SPIE, the Stratence Partners Integrated Ecosystem:

Best Practices Dataflow & Tools Integration

- Strategy Optimization, Pricing Excellence, Commercial Effectiveness

Agnostic & Modular

- Not invasive, complementing the existing systems landscape

End-To-End Process

- Strategy, Setting, Execution, Monitoring

Full Ecosystem

- People, Governance, Organization, Processes, Dataflow & Tools

Multi Maturity Levels

- Smart Cost+, Competitive Premium, Value Solution

Best-in-Class Data Science

- Advanced analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence


- Blockchain, Smart Contracts

Multi Go-To-Markets

- Key Accounts, Tenders, Channel, Retail, eCommerce

Multi-Layer Structure

- Global, Regional, Countries, Business Units

International Ready

- Multi-languages, multi-currencies

Off-the-shelf Standard Platform

- Power BI, Tableau, Microsoft BI, Oracle BI

Business Users Oriented

- Open interface for desktop, tablets and mobiles

Seamless Architecture Integration

- Connectors for SSO, SAP, Salesforce, Oracle CX, Anaplan, etc…

Industries Templates

- Pharma, Medical Devices, Animal Health, Chemical, Oil & Gas, etc…

Successful Implementations

- Global expert team, well-proven change management methodology

Relevant References

- Cross industries and geographies real use-cases

Partnership Commitment

- ROI, Full Satisfaction, Full Autonomy Capabilities Transfer

For more information and registration, please, visit the Stratence Partners SPIE Workshop landing page


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