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World EPA Congress 2024: Spotlight on Digital Transformation – GenAI Convergence in Healthcare Pricing

Updated: May 8

Stratence Partners booth at a conference with three professionals standing in front, featuring banners about 'SPIE GenAI', 'Predictive Monitoring', and 'Generative AI and Business Data Layer for Enterprises'

Over 1,500 attendees gathered at yesterday's session of the World EPA Congress 2024, where Fernando Ventureira, CEO of Stratence Partners, elucidated the convergence of Digital Transformation and GenAI in healthcare pricing strategies.


It was certainly the question of the day: how will new technologies and strategic pricing change the healthcare landscape? Mr. Ventureira's presentation "Strategic Pricing Gross to Net Best Practices in Healthcare" addressed that question with valued answers:

  • Innovative Application of Stratence Partners’ Models: Mr. Ventureira demonstrated how these best-in-class models are tailored to healthcare commercial archetypes -each to develop transformative results. His was an approach that underscored the need to design strategies that are unique to a wide-range of healthcare market segments.

  • Development of A Comprehensive Roadmap: It wasn't only about Digital Transformation when it comes to Gross to Net pricing in healthcare, the discussion also focused on building effective business cases for these important projects. Through a detailed end-to-end demonstration, Mr. Ventureira exhibited how organizations can methodically tackle these complex projects to assure both strategic alignment and operational efficacy.


In a session that not only showcased the inclusion of advanced technology in strategic decision-making, but it also underscored the sensitivity of healthcare, and the need for a different touch on the category. As we are in the midst of watching the transformation of pricing into healthcare, the insights Billboard Exec shared at the World EPA Congress 2024 are certain to have a lasting impact on the industry.


Stay tuned for more insights coming soon… and mark your calendars for next year's event! Don't miss out on the opportunity to delve deeper and learn more. Click here to visit the event page and get all the details:


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