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Press Release: Stratio BD and Stratence Partners forge strategic partnership.

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Graphic illustration showcasing the strategic partnership between Stratio BD and Stratence Partners, symbolizing the fusion of AI data fabric technology with global consulting expertise

14 December 2023

Stratio BD and Stratence Partners forge strategic partnership to enhance client decision making with quality data and AI   

Stratio BD, a leader in Generative AI Data Fabric, and Stratence Partners, a global consulting powerhouse, today announce a strategic partnership to help businesses maximise their market value.

The collaboration combines Stratence Partners’ industry-leading methodology for Strategy Optimisation, Pricing Excellence, and Commercial Effectiveness with Stratio BD’s groundbreaking Business Data Layer Product, enabling businesses to extract commercial advantage from their data sets.

Stratio BD, whose Business Data Layer product recently received an Honourable Mention in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools, and Stratence Partners, which has over 800 clients globally, share the view that capitalising on data sets is indispensable for any successful business.

Stratio BD’s product will underpin Stratence Partners’ frameworks for Dynamic Strategy Creation, Pricing Excellence, Commercial Effectiveness, and Predictive Performance Monitoring, centralising data from multiple sources into an easily accessible location where it can be mapped on to business ontologies.


The news comes as Stratio BD prepares to launch its global Partner First Strategy – a bespoke programme that aligns resources with partners at all levels to deliver optimised data SaaS products and services.

Óscar Méndez, CEO and Founder of Stratio BD, said: “By combining Stratio BD’s cutting-edge Business Data Layer product with the expertise of Stratence Partners, we’re able to help businesses leverage their data where it really matters, optimising business processes for better returns.”

Fernando Ventureira, CEO of Stratence Partners, said: “The fusion of the expertise and experience of Stratence Partners for successful Digital Transformations with the user-friendly solutions of Stratio for Data Management, Data Governance, superior Data Intelligence and powerful GenAi will bring a new and extra value to all our current and future partners-customers.”


Contact Information:

Kat Jackson / Annie Hopson / Sam Davis / Isaac Parry

Rooster PR

T: +44 (0)20 3440 8934


Stratence Partners:Fernando Ventureira

Chief Executive Officer

T: +44 (0) 770 030 93 63


About Stratio BD:

Generative AI data fabric specialist Stratio BD was founded in 2014 by fellow entrepreneurs Óscar Méndez Soto and Ernesto Funes. The Madrid, Spain-headquartered company was created to help businesses fully harness the power of data fabric and AI. Stratio BD’s Generative AI Data Fabric product provides businesses with a unified business data layer enabling actionable governance, virtualization, advanced analytics, and AI to multiply the productivity of companies that use it, reducing costs and time to a fraction of what they need.

The product provides a range of functions, including simplifying data understanding for business users, providing knowledge graph representations, applying AI algorithms to augment data management tasks, and automating manual AI development. The product provides users with complete flexibility and scalability, allowing businesses to facilitate maximum performance under any peak workload.


Last year, Stratio BD completed its Series C funding worth EUR 65 million, led by InfraVia with participation from Adara (A and B-Series investor) and the founders. The company had reached critical mass in its historic markets of Spain and Latin America and is now leveraging the round proceeds to fund commercial expansion across Europe and eventually further afield in the USA, Asia, and the Middle East. Stratio BD was named Gartner's Cool Vendor in Data Management in 2021 for its innovative Data Fabric product and in 2023 received an honourable mention in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools.


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About Stratence Partners:

Stratence Partners supports organizations through Digital Transformation, globally, with offices in London, Chicago, Singapore, and Dubai.


With 25 years of expertise and 800 successful multi-industries projects, we help our partner-customers to achieve competitive advantage and profitable growth by delivering pragmatic solutions across Strategy Optimization, Pricing Excellence, and Commercial Effectiveness.


We span the full spectrum of a Transformational Project as Governance, Organization, Talent Management, Processes, Data Automation, and Systems Integration, empowering organizations to develop and sustain new competencies, driving short-term benefits, long-term vision, innovation, and autonomous continuous improvement.


We propose tailored and efficient engagements with a strong focus on Change Management, for diagnostic and effective implementation, by leveraging our exclusive Senior Team, proven methodologies, best practices models, and we commit on stakeholders’ satisfaction, capabilities transfer and high return on investment.

For more information visit our web


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